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Address: 250 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1800, Milwaukee, WI 53202
250 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 1800, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Milwaukee Bankruptcy Blog

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy "Cramdowns"

If you are currently struggling in debt, you are likely looking to do whatever you can to get out of it. Whether that means having two or three jobs on your plate, trying to sell your belongings, etc. ...
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Tips for Filing for Bankruptcy in 2013

Even though the cost of filing for bankruptcy has risen in recent years because of the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, hundreds of thousands of Americans still filed for ...
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Benefits & Disadvantages to Debt Consolidation

Struggling with the weight of debt is far from an ideal situation. Whether you are a single person or you are seeking to support yourself and a family, you know the pressures of trying to make your ...
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It's a New Year - Stay Debt Free!

Now that the New Year is upon us, many people free relief from the stresses of holiday spending. Travels are over, presents have been bought and many families have started making New Year's ...
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Smart Spending Tips for the Holidays

That time of the year is approaching where we tend to spend a lot more money than we have planned. Whatever holiday you and your family may celebrate, the months of November and December are packed ...
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Ways to Get in Touch with Deborah A. Stencel

If you are thinking about hiring Deborah A. Stencel to handle your bankruptcy, or if you just need help gathering information about bankruptcy, then you should check out the variety of social media ...
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Learning More About Your Trusted Bankruptcy Attorney

Money makes the world go round, as many would say. However, what happens when your money runs out? What happens when you are forced to take out extra loans just to pay for your rent and groceries? ...
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Wisconsin's Little-Known Bankruptcy Alternative

It's not bankruptcy, and it's not debt consolidation, but it is geared at accomplishing the same goals. What is it? It's Wisconsin's lesser known alternative to debt discharging- ...
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Under 30 and Filing for Bankruptcy

There is a growing phenomenon in the United States in which individuals under the age of 30 are filing for bankruptcy In the past, it would take a person years of accruing debt before they ever ...
Continue reading "Under 30 and Filing for Bankruptcy" »

Myths of Bankruptcy

Unfortunately today in this difficult economy, people are forced to result in extra loans from their banks, they over charging their credit cards, and opening new credit cards in order to pay for the ...
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Bankruptcy Mistakes

Some individuals who have filed for bankruptcy are quick to tell you that it was an "unbelievable disaster" and "the worst experience of their lives." While declaring bankruptcy is ...
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Debtors Are Not Lepers

"We might as well be members of a leper colony." Extreme phrases like these are actual statements that individuals say when going through such a life-altering process as declaring ...
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In a bankruptcy action is the debtor able to choose which debts are discharged?

When a consumer Debtor files a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, she must list every debt she owes (current or not). That is one of the filer's obligations under the law. The Debtor can generally keep secured ...
Continue reading "In a bankruptcy action is the debtor able to choose which debts are discharged?" »

Cancelled Debts and Your Taxes

I am by no means a tax expert, but I want everyone to be aware that if they receive 1099-C for a cancelled debt, they may not have to pay taxes on the debt! I see people all the time who paid tax on a ...
Continue reading "Cancelled Debts and Your Taxes" »

Facing foreclosure? Free Resources...

If you are facing foreclosure on your home, you are NOT alone. If you want to save your home, you have the following options: (1) pay the arrears and bring the account current, including any fees and ...
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Ways to Save Money in 2012

Season’s Greetings! I have canvassed my friends and relatives (a uniquely resourceful and attractive group of humans) for tips and suggestions on saving money so I could share this list with you ...
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Will I lose my bankruptcy case?

I am often asked, "Will I lose my bankruptcy case?" No, if you use a competent attorney, you won't "lose" your case. You will get the relief you are entilted to and that will ...
Continue reading "Will I lose my bankruptcy case?" »

Bankruptcy Information Sheet, Other Resources

When a person files bankruptcy she has just a few main obligations: (1) take required education courses (consumer debtors); (2) provide required documentation of assets and income; and (3) appear at ...
Continue reading "Bankruptcy Information Sheet, Other Resources" »

Filing Bk - Do I need a lawyer or not?

Do you need a lawyer to file your bankruptcy? Is one required? Is one a good idea? There is an old saying, "the man who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer." While I can generally see ...
Continue reading "Filing Bk - Do I need a lawyer or not?" »

Filing Fee News

Bankruptcy Court Filing fees increased by a smidgen on November 1. Chapter 7 is now $306.00. Chapter 13 is $281.00. Amendments to add creditors are now $30.00. The Eastern District of Wisconsin has ...
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Reaffirmation Agreements

Once you have a filed a Chapter 7 and if you own car that has a balance due, your lender may ask you to sign a reaffirmation agreement. A reaffirmation agreement (a "re-aff" for short) in ...
Continue reading "Reaffirmation Agreements" »

Can I save my house?

It happens every day. Job loss. Unexpected medical bills. Squirrels in the attic. And always before we get around to setting aside enough money in the emergency fund. So, we take care of the emergency ...
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One Size Does Not Fit All: What is the Best Debt Solution for You.

I was chatting with some potential clients recently. Nice couple with grown children; these folks have worked hard all their lives and used to have lovely credit... until an accident and several ...
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Can I keep my car if I file a bankruptcy?

Most likely. In the thousands of cases I have worked on since 2003, I haven't had one client lose a car who wasn't already willing to let the car go... so long as the owner was able to make any car ...
Continue reading "Can I keep my car if I file a bankruptcy?" »

What should I bring to my first appointment with a bankruptcy attorney?

The Internet tells me that Pearl Bailey was an entertainer (which I already knew), that she was noted for her sultry singing (ditto) and her "mischievous" sense of humor. This last bit, I did not ...
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