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Milwaukee Bankruptcy Lawyer

Filing for Bankruptcy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Are you struggling with your finances? No matter whether this has stemmed from a job loss, being over your head in a mortgage or if you are simply unable to make ends meet, you are not alone. According to the U.S. Courts, there were over 25,000 total bankruptcy filings in Wisconsin over the twelve-month period ending in March 2012. The majority of these were for Chapter 7; however, several people also sought debt relief through Chapter 13. This highlights quite clearly the financial sting that people throughout Wisconsin are feeling. With a limping economy, many have been left to deal with the brunt of the matter – often victimized by events that are out of their control. Do not allow yourself to suffer from debt without relief. Although often misconstrued as a negative or frightening process, the truth is that bankruptcy can be used as a financial tool. With the help of a Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyer from the Law Offices of Deborah A. Stencel, you can evaluate your finances and determine the best course of action. Then, you can take the first step to financial solvency and stability through bankruptcy or any of its viable alternatives.

Struggling with debt? Learn what your Milwaukee bankruptcy options are!

Chapter 7 generally is shorter and less expensive, but it has stricter qualifications and requirements than a Chapter 13, as you must first pass a means test. Chapter 13 is a repayment plan lasting three to five years, and is designed for those with regular income which exceeds the monthly bills or for those with certain goals that cannot be accomplished with Chapter 7—for example, saving a house from foreclosure. Many individuals and families in the Milwaukee area have turned to bankruptcy to solve their financial problems after having explored all their options. Even hardworking and responsible Americans face challenges in a tight job market and repressed economy, including layoffs, reduced hours, homes that may be mortgaged far beyond their current value, trouble refinancing or modifying mortgage loans, repossessions, lawsuits, garnishments, collection calls, and unpaid medical bills to name a few. If you are facing any of these challenges, please call a bankruptcy lawyer in Milwaukee from the Law Offices of Deborah A. Stencel.

I can help you find your way out of your current situation. Whether you have already made up your mind about what form of debt relief you would like to pursue or you would like to explore alternative options, speaking to a legal professional before jumping into any complicated process is highly advised. Bankruptcy is not for everyone, and undergoing the process unnecessarily may prove to be more detrimental to you than helpful. For this reason, it is important to get all of the facts about your debt relief options straight from a credible source: a Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney. When you contact the Law Office of Deborah A. Stencel and review your financial circumstances with me, you can feel confident in the decisions that you are making about your future. It is important to have someone by your side that cares about getting you back on track, and as such, the goal of my firm is to do that for every client that comes to me for help.

Free Initial Case Evaluation

If you're struggling under an overwhelming burden of debt, filing for bankruptcy has probably crossed your mind. As a Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyer, I understand the stress and uncertainty of financial hardship and am ready to help you take the first step towards a brighter financial future. If you're facing money problems and don't know where to turn, I am ready to offer you a free initial case evaluation. When you contact my firm directly by filling out an online case evaluation form I can help you understand you financial circumstances and options. You don't have to wade through bankruptcy along – I can help! Whether you need help filing or have questions about the bankruptcy process, I want to hear from you. Fill out my online form today; the sooner I hear from you, the faster I can help. With a dedicated Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyer on your side, you can have peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

Milwaukee Bankruptcy Attorney Providing Debt Relief Solutions

It is important for those who need help resolving their financial difficulties to have experienced and caring legal representation. The process can be confusing and requires knowledge of the law and procedure. I will carefully review your situation, advise you on how best to get your financial matters under control, and walk you through the process. I will explain the process clearly, I will be honest with you, and I will help you back to the path to financial independence. Once again, you will be able to focus on the important things in life, such as your family, work, goals, dreams, and ambitions. I am committed to helping clients put themselves on the road to better days, to help them make sound financial decisions, and to never need my help again.

My firm provides legal representation in personal bankruptcy matters in Milwaukee, including filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 128, as well as addressing matters related to consumer law and creditor harassment, providing counsel in issues related to debt relief, foreclosure defense and adversary defense. My firm wants to help you answer the questions that have led you to this site today. I will answer these questions and any others you may have. I care about your future and want to help you move forward. Most folks who are facing foreclosure have likely already tried various ways to solve mortgage problems. Often, lenders don't listen, don't keep good records and their different employees make conflicting promises.

As a result, solving mortgage problems without help can be confusing and frustrating. Often the matter drags on without resolution until a Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney gets involved. If you are facing a foreclosure, it is likely that I can help you either avoid foreclosure or to discover the best way to handle the matter and to come out the other side in a better position that you are in now. Whether you want to keep your home or walk away, there are legal and financial ramifications to every step you take. I can guide you through this morass. I am here to help and I invite you to contact my firm to assist you in any debt-related matters. I invest in the well-being of my clients, and I am proud to assist them and make a difference in their lives. If you need help, please contact a Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyer from my office.

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